Cerveceria Cieli ( Cieli Craft Beers)

Cieli Brewery features six premium craft beers regularly on tap:

All of our beers are original recipes developed from the BJCP guidelines. As our head brewer, I take a very independent stance when developing recipes. They must, of course, conform to the guidelines of our industry, but there remains, in my view, plenty of room for originality and personality. I hope you will always find unique inspiration in my beers. I design recipes with drinkability my top priority.

Hot Blonde – American Blonde Ale – 25.5 IBU – 4.6 SRM – 6.6% abv This beer is extremely approachable for newcomers to craft beer. Its soft hop profile includes Cascade and Centennial hops in combination giving this beer a spicy, floral profile. This Blonde Ale drinks like a Lager, which may account for its appeal to newbies to craft beer. It resembles beers you may be more used to drinking, but with the perfect touch of class to lift this Classic Ale to its own element in your beer drinking experience.

Rosarito Red  – Irish Red Ale – 28 IBU – 15.3 SRM – 6% abv While this beer was never intended to be a transitional beer, its rich, smooth drinkability has made it one of our best sellers. We use Golding’s, East Kent hops exclusively in this beer. Its flavor profile is floral and earthy with just a touch of spicy sweet flavor. The beer has a distinctly Irish Pub flare in its finish that will have you trying to sing, ‘Oh Danny Boy’ after a couple of pints.

Saison Cieli – 39.8 IBU – 13 SRM – 6.8% abv Saison is a traditional style beer originating in Southern Belgium. Robust beers, spicy in flavors, limited only by the imagination of the farmer brewing his own recipe. Cieli Saison is a rich copper color with hints of sweet orange peel, coriander, heather hips and a medley of black, red, green and white pepper corns. Hop flavors in this beer are robust. The Nelson Sauvin hops used in bittering this beer is a super premium hop rich with fruity esters, accenting the citrusy notes we introduce with the fresh sweet orange peel.

Hoppy Amber IPA – American IPA – 87.4 IBU – 15 SRM – 7.5% abv This is a cleanly bittered, well balanced IPA. You will find fresh, spicy notes of honey and caramel flavors. The beer is big in the mouth with a robust finish nicely drying the palate. The medley of Columbus, Centennial, Amarillo Gold and Chinook hops lingers in your taste buds long after the brew has hit bottom; a long, satisfying, complex finish to please any craft beer aficionado. This beer was praised by Ryan Brooks, of Coronado Brewing Co. Brian was voted the best brewmeister for a mid sized brewery in America in 2014. We wear this compliment with great pride.

Belle’s 8 Teats IPA – American IPA – 73.4 IBU – 8.4 SRM – 7% abv The name for this beer was inspired by a beautiful little pup who was tossed from a car at the front gate of our brewery. Once Bella was nursed back to health, I loved rolling her over on her back and rubbing her sweet little tummy. She had 8 soft little teats. The beer that carries her name is anything but soft. This is our most robust IPA. While it has a lower IBU than our Amber IPA, the flavor profile feels much stronger in the mouth and particularly at the back of the palate. The beer is late hopped with Simcoe, Centennial, Nugget, Amarillo Gold and Citra hops. After fermentation it is additionally dry hopped. This is a robust IPA, big in alcohol at over 7%, distinct robust complexity with a bash of hop flavors exploding in your mouth and in your olfactory gland. This beer is for serious craft beer lovers. Its velvety finish is a personal favorite for me as I prize this quality in beers and have worked hard to bring this feature to the Cieli family of beers.

Carlitos’ Squirrel Chaser Oatmeal Stout – American Stout – 66.9 IBU – 45.9 SRM – 8% abv This Stout is named for another of my favorite rescue pups. Like its name sake, Carlitos, this robust American Stout is black, full of rich espresso and chocolate flavors with a beautiful cappuccino-colored head standing in the glass. The creamy, thick mouth feel is a huge favorite with our customers. There are not many Stouts, American or otherwise, that will compete with this crowd pleaser. All summer long, even through the higher temperatures, this beer is consistently one of our top sellers. Maybe its that mocha-iced coffee-creamy shake-mouth feel? In the end, you’ll simply have to come try it yourself.