Blanc di Grenache: This is a luxurious blush wine exhibiting notes of fresh apricot, and ripe peaches with a beautiful soft coppery hue to match. You’ll find hints of chrysanthemum in the nose as the wine warms in your glass. The acids are robust but balanced perfect;y against the citrus character of this delightful wine. Born of 100% red Grenache vinifera that we pick before they achieve full ripeness, we achieve the perfect tartness to compliment creamy Alfredo sauce or a delightful brunch with Eggs Benedict.

Dolcezza: 100% Zinfandel. This is a smooth, easy drinking, fruity version of this Italian varietal. Acids are balanced with just a trace of fruity tannins. Chill this bottle down and serve it with spicy Asian dishes or pizza and wings. This is an extremely versatile wine.

Cieli Cabernet: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon blended from our 2012 and 2013 harvest from two distinctly different vineyards here in the Guadalupe Valle. This soft incarnation of the Cabernet style is very approachable with soft tannins and a well balanced acid profile. You will discover flavors of ripe, dark berries with a bit of spice that lingers in the finish. The wine is well suited to serve with snacks and light conversations with friends, but compliments any hearty menu as well.

Sognato di Amarone: This unique wine style comes from the Valpolicella region of northern Italy, located due east of Venice, near the shores of Lake Garda at the base of the Swiss Alps. Amarone is made from the three principal varietals of that region, Corvina, Rondenella and Molinara. What makes this style of wine so interesting is the grapes are dried for several weeks on straw matts after harvest, before they are fermented. Amarone is a very expensive style of wine as you might guess. I decided to apply the Amarone winemaking protocol to our Barbera and Syrah grapes from Mexico. It is not Amarone. But if you know Amarone, at near $100 per bottle, come try my 85% Barbera / 15% Petit Syrah … Sognato di Amarone. This huge, robust, spicy red wine will win you over in the first sip. Long, velvety rivulets of lingering luxurious flavors coursing over your palate; chocolate, blackberry, dark, ripe currant, tobacco, smoky toast. This is a big wine with the alcohol to match. It is indeed, as its name announces … a dream of Amarone.

As of the completion of last year’s harvest in late October, 2015, we have 250 cases of premium, elegant wines aging in new oak barrels. Later this year I will blend these magnificent wines and begin bottling. Half of these blends will be selected for barrel blending, then aged for an additional 12 months. Building great wines is a painstaking process.

I have very specific goals for our wine development program here at Bodegas Cieli. Come visit and let us share our vision with you. While you’re at it, we have some beautiful first generation wines drinking deliciously right now!